Fair Made

Catalogue for Fair Made, an exhibition inviting a group of young swedish fashion designers to show haute couture from an ecological perspective. Fair Made was shown during the fashion week, Stockholm International Fairs, in February 2007.

Our basic aim was to produce an organic sustainable printed matter. We wanted to adjust the ranking of values where informations about the production process often are mentioned incidentally, hidden in colophones. The *FSC certificate itself serve as a front cover and the designers present their collections by exploiting material used and its origin.

*FSC is an international organisation that encourages the viable ecological, socially responsible and economical utilisation of the world's forests. The FSC label is used on products that contributes to a certified forestry. In Sweden the label can be found on grill coal and furnitures.

The catalogue also contains an interview with Noreena Hertz by Sofia Wiberg. The exhibition was curated by Aia Jüdes and produced by Sanna Gebeyehu (Style at STHLM).

People: Johanna Lewengard, Jonas Enqvist and Sofia Wiberg